About Murphy Communication

At Murphy Communication, we are passionate about texts and messages – and we have been brought into the world to make a difference for our customers and their various stakeholders.

We create security

It is our first job to make the questionable content easy to understand. The fact is that understanding creates security. This applies regardless of whether the task is the text for a user manual, technical documentation or to pass on knowledge on advanced technology.

We are focused on the end-user

We draw up texts with a focus on the people who must read and understand them. The outcome is that your services and products will appear more user-friendly. Besides, well-laid-out texts can increase security from a practical standpoint about the user’s use of different types of products.

Solutions of high quality

Professionalism is the foundation of our business. We work professionally and take pride in always delivering solutions of the highest quality.

We are leading the field

At Murphy Communication, we are ambitious. We want to set the standard for easy-to-understand technical texts that create value for both our customers and end-users. The goal is to adopt a position as a preferred partner within our field.

A reliable and flexible partner

When you choose Murphy Communication, you can expect to get a flexible partner who delivers the agreed product at the agreed time. Reliability is our raison d’être.

We listen before we write

To be able to communicate, you must first be able to listen. We take the time to enter your world to understand the products and issues about which we must provide information. In the process, we would like to take an ongoing dialogue and contribute to constructive sparring.

The capacities behind Murphy Communication

Murphy Communication is owned and operated by Susan Murphy Lamprecht.
She is trained as a trilingual secretary in Danish, English and French from Copenhagen Business School. This business language training she has combined with a superstructure of specialised studies from Aalborg University, and therefore she is also trained as a Master of Arts in English and International Relations.