At Murphy Communication we provide linguistic services to both Danish and foreign companies. Our speciality is to make heavy and technical texts in English easy to understand in Danish


Our core competency is translations from English to Danish.

Our speciality is the translation of texts of a technical nature. This may be the sales and marketing material with technical content, technical documentation within the industrial and agricultural fields as well as manuals for machinery, electrical appliances, IT equipment, etc.

We have a flair for technology and find it easy to make ourselves acquainted with complex contexts and issues. This means that we can provide accurate and easily understandable communication to defined target groups.


We help our customers to appear professional through proofreading and language check and ensure that the messages are received correctly.

We proofread all types of materials such as sales materials, presentations, websites, newsletters, documentation, manuals and much more.


Text optimization

Especially when you work in the technical area, it may be an advantage to involve an external cooperating partner in your communication. We focus on the end users and can look at your communication from the outside. Are the messages understandable and are the main points evident?

Through insight and an ongoing dialogue with you we optimize your texts so that they are clear and razor-sharp.